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While Baby Sleeps Blissfully In His Woolly Sleeper, Mom And Dad Will Sleep Too

Especially when you are dealing with a newborn child, you hardly get a wink. At any time of the night the little bundle of joy can wake up and think it needs to be fed. At the youngest age, it wants only mother’s milk, and nothing but. And never mind the bottle prep beforehand, it wants to be fed in a certain way too, if you get the meaning of this. Sleep is so precious when you are getting so little of it. Baby sleepers put baby right to sleep.

And sleep, and sleep, and it stays that way, right throughout the night. And while baby sleeps, it has been fed too by now, mom and dad get to sleep too. But how, and what is this anyhow? The baby sleeper is a one piece jumper. Very convenient for mom too. Only one bit of clothing to wash when baby gurgles and, erm, does the other you know what. How does it miraculously get baby to sleep like a bomb, lights out and all?

Baby sleepers

The one piece jumper is lined with poly fleece. It is blanket like, all woolly and cuddly at all. Baby bear might be getting the sack, but oh well, the things you need to do to get baby to sleep. And let’s be honest, so that you and he can get a good night’s rest too. Sporty NFL jumpers, as in blue for boys and pink for girls, is no longer the stuff for lads, because in case you are one of those very few who haven’t woken up (lucky you!) just yet, girls are into sport too.

It’s a zip up piece and it covers everything from head to tiny toes.