Hey, Who Said Clip On Ties Were Old Fashioned?

This is for all the shy and old fashioned guys out there. Or would you all prefer to be called gentlemen. Yes, that would seem more appropriate, because, of course, gentlemen still prefer knotting their own silk ties. But what a bother it has been for many aspiring gentlemen out there. It has taken years, and still, still they cannot tie the perfect knot, whether this is going to be the Cambridge knot or Oxford tie. Oh, cheer up gentlemen, won’t you. 

kids clip on ties

And don’t you ever listen to the guys around you. Listen to your own core values and keep on and carry on with what you believe in. You believe in looking the part. And you still believe that clothes make the man. When you are walking down the street in that fine pin striped wool suit of yours, heck, it could even be a biker’s leather jacket, heads are going to turn when they see that you are wearing a smart already knotted bow tie.

You just clip it on like so. Snobs and high and mighties like to tell you that this is all rather tacky. But there is quite a bit of charm to be had when you act and dress eccentrically. Like father, like son, they say. What father wouldn’t be proud of his son emulating his own dress code? And the private schools are already doing it anyhow. They have introduced kids clip on ties as part of their schools’ uniform. And while it all looks so smart, it’s also quite safe for the little kids to wear.

No getting in a knot or choke situation. See, just clip it on. All dressed and ready to go to school. Ready to conquer the world.